Monday, 13 February 2012

'W' is for...

We're back on form - my parents are here for a few days so the rubbish jobs are getting mown down by my dad at cracking speed. 
Playhouse roof - finished. 
Window frames - cleaned. 
Hall - painted.

Of course, the DIY has to be balanced with quality grandparent time which involves football, computer games and reading.

My eldest son is currently learning to read and write.  He proudly shows off his whiteboard to practice his letter writing to anyone willing to help / listen.  Cue opportunities aplenty when Granny and Grandpa come to visit.  The latest version of his letter writing 'game' involves the adult shouting out a letter, followed by a word for him to find on his board and write over.  Granny worked through 'a' for apple, 't' for table...and finally got to 'w' but was struggling to think of an appropriate word where upon, eldest son piped up ''W' is for Wickes'.

Thats my (DIY) son!

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