Sunday, 29 January 2012

Small Victories

I've been on a training course through work this week and one of my colleagues mentioned how important 'small victories' are.  I think this last couple of weeks, hubby and I need to remember all those small victories - morale is low and progress seems snails-pace slow.  We're past the stage of knocking whole walls down in an afternoon!

So here are the small victories from this week alone:
  • floor finished through both living room and kitchen
  • plinths fitted in kitchen
  • bathroom trim painted
  • mirrors hung in bathroom
  • curtain altered and hung in bathroom
  • application submitted to Building Control for attic conversion

And the pictures make it seem better too:

So, here's to another week of small victories!


  1. It all looks amazing! I particularly like the white and blue in the bathroom xx

  2. It looks lovely Pam, small victories should be celebrated. Hope you're well and hope to see you soon, Lynne x