Sunday, 15 January 2012

A great job

I'm breathing a contented sigh of relief this weekend, as we have finally put a floor down in our family room.  No more designer, easy clean green plastic!
The room is 9 metres long so we asked Project Managers sister around to see if we could manage the job with three people.  Incase you've never laid laminate flooring, it's an easy enough job as long as you have enough people equally spaced along the length of the room to slot it all in at once.  PM brought enough packs of floor in from the garage to aclimatise and give us sufficient planks to have a good go.  We were pretty much of the opinion that it would need four people to manage the 9 metre length.
Unbelievably, four hours later, we had laid the whole floor including shifting furniture around with no major dramas!
I knew it would make a huge difference to the space but I don't think I realised how much - you do get used to living in a renovation site and the green plastic had become totally acceptable to us.  I became instantly house-proud and was mopping away the last of the dust marks at quarter to midnight!

And then, just to show it off at its best, the sun has been streaming in the windows all of today - lovely spot for my cuppa and book.

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