Monday, 4 April 2011

Slowly, slowly

We seem to have slow progress this week but I guess that’s because the big structure is up and now it’s bricking, roofing etc which isn’t immediate impact.

Looking good in the sun!
We have managed to get our kitchen sink into the new worksurface and are ready to tackle installation of the induction hob.  However, we have misplaced the instruction book which is a bit tricky!
For Mothers Day I got taken out for a coffee – in B&Q.  I do love my boys though!  Then today is my birthday which I spent going to get plumbing supplies at Screwfix.  The absolutely best birthday present to get our Lawful Development certificate which arrived along with my birthday cards in the post.  It’s a huge relief as we were starting to think the Planning Officer was asking way too many questions for a simple lawful development certificate.
I’m not sure what’s for Birthday Tea as the gas man is disconnecting our gas cooker as I type...

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  1. Congratulations on the Lawful Development certificate :) xxx

    Ps I hope you had something delicious for your birthday tea.