Sunday, 27 March 2011

We need some sleep!

We are tired, tired, tired this week.  The lovely Mikes are full steam ahead to the point that we are struggling to keep up with the internal re-jigging as they demolish and build around us.  We have been putting the wee boys to bed at 7pm then working through until midnight most days this week.  Due to the B&Q incident, we decided to soldier on and do a make-shift kitchen so that we could move the sink and plumbing over from the old kitchen – double the work in the long run but a necessity for now.
The stress has also caught up with Project Manager who is now finding it all a chore, rather than ‘having a good time’ as he had hoped.
It’s still exciting to come home from work and see a new window ‘hole’ or a wall panel erected on the extension.  I got home on Thursday and pretended to sit in the seating positions in the new living area to see what my view of the garden will be : )

and we have walls!
After a long weekend of hard graft, assisted by the lovely in-laws once again (who saved my sanity by taking over childcare on Saturday), we have:
  • most of a new kitchen (with water, without power)
  • skeleton of an old kitchen (without water, with power, with cooker)
  • a shower room (well, the old shower is still standing in our old bathroom)
  • the start of a new bathroom (as long as you don’t mind sitting next to the oven!)
  • a rubble-free front garden

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