Monday, 24 January 2011

A week of firsts...

The First Waiting Game
I have no patience!  I never have.  So waiting for a week,a whole week, to get quotes back from our selection of builders has been difficult.  Project Manager (who told them that a week was fine) has been coming home from work every day and going straight to his inbox to check for quotes, whilst shouting 'any letters today??' as he runs through the house to the computer.  We're still waiting...

To fill the time I have been checking out kitchens.  This may sound a bit impatient (see above!) but, actually, I have permission from Project Manager to do so.  According to the Build Schedule which, incidently, is still in Project Managers brain and hasn't been written down for me to consult.  Anyway, we will have an incredibly short window of time, when the extension will be near completion, to build our new kitchen to enable the builders to knock down some internal walls.  To minimise the stress and late nights at this point, I came up with the idea of building our new kitchen whilst we are still using the room as our bedroom - after all, it's a big room and kitchen units are just another form of cupboard.  Hence why I am checking out kitchens!

I have moved away from Gloss White Slab and on to Ivory Framed Classic.  My older, wiser self has taken control and instructed my brain to purchase something more 'timeless' and 'classic' than Gloss White Slab With Aubergine Accents.

The First Tears
I didn't expect the first tears to come so soon into the project but I have done something to my back for no apparent reason.  And, no, I wasn't doing DIY or gardening! 
Initially, I was annoyed but managing to be brave, especially as the osteo made me feel positive that I would be back to normal relatively quickly.  Unfortunately, two days after that I found myself in a crouching position, on the kitchen floor, trying to pick up a small car and unable to move.  That was all that was needed for the flood gates to open and for the anger and guilt to come pouring out 'I can't do anything to help you now', 'Why does this keep happening to me', 'I just want to be better' were some of the incomprehensible sentences that I managed to blubber out to Project Manager.
Project Manager sensibly sent me off to the doctor the next day so that I am now powered by painkillers and able to function at least enough to look after the wee boys whilst he gets on with some of the tasks to hand.

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