Sunday, 30 January 2011

The First Brick...

We had a lucky break this weekend as Project Managers parents came over for the weekend and played with the wee boys for two days solid.  This meant that Project Manager managed to finish the shed. 

After completing the shed, Project Manager had a second wind of enthusiasm and came indoors brandishing a mallet and a dust sheet.  This would start alarm bells in anyones head, even more so given that the wee boys were due home in less than 30 minutes.
The destruction that ensued was the beginning of knocking out the new door for the kitchen (which is currently our bedroom).  There was only time to remove the layer of plaster and to knock out the first brick before the wee boys arrived home demanding nourishment and sleep.  However, it is most definitely a good feeling to actually be starting proper works at last!

The quotes have started trickling in from the builders.  The first one arrived via snail-mail so I ripped it open and skipped right to the last page – and quickly stuffed it back in the envelope again as a large number danced before my eyes!  We persuaded ourselves that that company was bound to be the most expensive one and awaited the arrival of further quotes.  The second one arrived and was around £10k less than the first, giving us the confidence required to go ahead and order our kitchen units.

Compiling the kitchen shopping list and ordering it fell to me as I am still on Supervisor duties courtesy of my back problems.  I may be excused from hard-labour, but I have no sick-note for research and design duties!  I set about compiling a list of cabinets, doors, handles and hinges and ordered our kitchen.  The January sales (allegedly) end tomorrow so I was feeling the sales shopping buzz as I clicked ‘Add to Cart’ over and over and over...

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