Sunday, 16 January 2011

Professional Builder, Old Builder, Fat Builder...

Project Manager went out to buy a door for the shed yesterday as they were on special offer.  Luckily a special offer of the 20% off variety and not the BOGOF variety or else I’m sure we would have had two doors purely because ‘it was a good deal’.  Unfortunately, Project Manager also took it upon himself to do one of my tasks, one where it goes without saying that the project manager role swaps and he becomes the deputy – choosing paint.  It may only be for the door of the shed (which is already painted Dark Oak) but he chose Teak so it’s going to look like it was meant to match but doesn’t quite.
However, I did spent a very therapeutic hour in the garage this afternoon, sitting cross-legged on the floor, rain drumming on the roof and mellow Scottish music drifting out of my ‘pod whilst I painted the shed door with the wrong colour of paint.  Gloss painting is very satisfying, especially when no surface prep. is involved.  It’s really thick and smooth and glides on thickly from the brush.  The colour doesn’t actually look so bad, but I might keep that gem of information from Project Manager for now...
We’ve had four builders over this weekend to look at our site  – professional builder, old builder, fat builder, and builder that was just like one of our mates.  Project Managers favourite so far is ‘builder that was just like one of our mates’.  I could tell as they spent an hour discussing the project where all the other builders were in and back out again within 30 minutes.
 On departure of fat builder, I did ask if we could add 'eye candy' points to the list of criteria but I'm guessing from the look on Project Managers face that this isn't a valid reason for choosing a builder.  If we start the project asap the 'eye candy' part shouldn't be as much of an issue than if we were building in the summer though...
My actual job at the moment is to hurry up and decide on the interior design details as we need to know where lights, sockets, radiators etc need to be wired and plumbed in.  I’m really struggling with designing interiors when it’s still a patio in our garden!
And the progress on the shed this weekend?'s still not finished!
The wee boys are already playing their role in the project by keeping close tabs on Project Manager.  We were out playing in the garden yesterday when I spotted my eldest, cruising over on his stabilisers to check out what Project Manager was up to with a roll of roofing felt.  Small children are well known for asking difficult questions, and this was no exception "What exactly are you doing Daddy?" was the enquiry at this juncture.  Suitable detail must have been forthcoming as my eldest then giggled and cruised off again.


  1. Great stuff - I can't wait for the next instalment. I think 'eye candy' is an essential quality bytheway LOL xx

  2. Lol! Looking forward to your next post immensely!