Friday, 14 January 2011

How it all began...

Work officially began on Thursday 30th December 2010 as the base of a new shed was installed in the back garden after two days of hedge chopping and fence destruction.  I was more than a bit suspicious when my Project Manager (aka hubby) announced that the first part of extending and renovating our 2-bed bungalow would be the erection of a new shed for all his tools.  However, he persuaded me that it was actually logical as we had to knock down the brick outhouse before we could actually build in its space.  He had a point.

On the second day, amid shouting at wee boys for feuding on the trampoline, Project Manager managed to miscalculate the wall height.  Oops.  On the plus side, our elderly neighbour offered access to his Man Shed for a power connection if we needed.

After recovering from our Hogmanay exploits, Project Manager delegated spray-painting of the shed panels to me.  I have learned Lesson 1 in DIY projects:  Always read the instructions.  As I tried to spray paint at 0.5C (Instructions: do not use at less than 10C), tried to fine tune the spray nozzle (and got covered in thick brown sludge), tried to empty the spray canister to use a brush instead (Instruction: release air pressure by opening release valve) and got covered in thick brown sludge...I don't think the wee boys recognised me as I came back inside after my chores!

Elderly neighbours voiced their 'interest' in role delegation in our family as I was to be found hammering wooden panels to the shed walls in Arctic conditions as Project Manager played trains inside with the boys.  They both seem to think we are building a playhouse - ah, bless.  A playhouse for daddy perhaps!

The rest of my blog commences after 9 days spent working on clearing ground and putting together a large shed.  The shed still needs a door and a roof but I have been informed by Project Manager that this can be done this weekend (probably in 30 minutes.....)


  1. Love it - just proves we are the superior sex!!!!!

    Kathryn xxx

  2. Ha! This is hilarious - can't wait for your next instalment. Sya x