Sunday, 6 February 2011

There’s a Hole in My Wall...

The first brick became two and then three over the course of the week.  One evening Project Manager came straight in from work and started chipping away whilst still wearing shirt and tie, albeit with his slippers on – why do men never put on their old clothes?  The next night one of my friends popped in to see the (now famous!) First Brick.  I’m considering paying her handsomely to ‘pop in’ on a regular basis to keep the pressure up on Project Manager!
My 3 ½ year old was determined to help daddy with his Bob Hat and Bob Goggles which did lead to a few arguments as he told 2 yr old that his hat was not Bob but was Fireman Sam therefore he could not help daddy.  I had to use my best distraction techniques and 2 yr old was quickly removed to the kitchen to help mummy with some cooking.

Normally when I leave Project Manager ‘to it’ for a full day, I come back and there’s lots of dust and mess and not much progress.  Today, I left him for a full day and came back to find him and his sister (aka Right Hand Lady) sitting in clean clothes, cuppa and biscuit and not a speck of dust to be seen.   I was soooo suspicious that I had to stick my head into the hall to check they had actually stripped a wall, removed bricks and put a new lintel in.  Project Manager did tell me there had been a slight hiccup in proceedings when they had broken through the back of the wardrobe.  I was not overly concerned with this as it is his side of the wardrobe – and it might teach him to prepare his work area better in future if his shirts get dusty!

I cheekily call my sister-in-law Right Hand Lady but the truth of the matter is we wouldn’t be able to do this crazy project without her.  She either comes to help out by being very good at standing and waiting to be told what to do (whereas I am useless at this and wander off as I get bored) or by taking the wee boys for a few hours to allow us to get on with something.

Some of the paperwork this week has involved endless hours of trawling the internet on ‘researching’ prices and products from various suppliers.  We are now looking at sourcing our own windows and doors which looks likely to cut our window & door bill in half.  There was a bit of a difference of opinion between Architect (one of my other job titles) and Project Manager as he assumed I was happy with the existing style of windows (ergh, no!  granny bungalow style!).  Most of our disagreements come from him trying to keep the budget down and me attempting to get the best design I can within the constraints of the budget he is allowing me.  He expected me to choose a front door style in about 5 minutes flat – he didn’t tell me there were 36 basic designs with anything up to 34 variations on each design!
granny bungalow style windows - no thanks!

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