Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's looking promising

We've been plugging away on the second upstairs room, trying to do as much as we can without spending money - which isn't as limiting as it sounds.  In fact, not at all.  We tend to buy materials in bulk, and on offer, when we can which has left us with a healthy supply of plasterboard and mix.

Over the weekend we realised we had reached that critical point where it looks like we have sooooo much to do but by this evening we had finished boarding out the space ready for plastering.

There was even a moment (which I am reluctant to mention incase I tempt fate) where I caught hubby putting tools away into the garage - woop! woop!

I can now get into the garage (also our utility room) without having to move large pieces of wood or plasterboard out of the way.  I won't go so far as to say it's clean under foot, and I still drop random bits of clean (always clean) washing into the dust...

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  1. Sounds like you getting there Pam - I'll have to pop round sometime for a catch up and a nosey lol xx