Monday, 3 September 2012

Confined Spaces

Covered in sweat, high on fumes and coated in a fine mist of ‘timeless’ – that’s how I emerged this evening from the latest stage of Project Loft Conversion.

Working in the confined space of sloping ceilings and tunnels has given us a few interesting problems, the latest being the build-up of fumes during filling and painting!

The tunnels are our built-in storage running around the perimeter of the rooms.  We have divided them up so that we don’t find the boys using them as tunnels in the future but you do have to crawl in and out to do any work in them (and probably to retrieve our worldly goods in the future).  Plastering involved sitting and shuffling backwards on your bottom whilst plastering in front of you.  I decided to get clever when it came to painting the inside of the tunnels by bigging it up so that Big Son thought he was being really helpful and doing a proper big boys job.  He gave up after 5 minutes claiming the hole was too small and he kept banging his head…

We’ve been keeping the windows open as long as possible but with the nights drawing in, the bugs and beasties have been joining us in our confined space.

Luckily the boys are still short so I think we have at least until they hit their teenage growth spurt before they start complaining about the head height in their respective rooms!
Entrance to the tunnels, under the slope of the roof

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