Sunday, 22 July 2012

Let the sunshine in!

Our kitchen area has no external windows of its own so we have been deliberating for the last 18 months whether to invest in a sunpipe.  Decision time finally arrived as we have begun plastering the roof space.  So, armed with Wickes vouchers and money off coupons I nipped out to buy a sunpipe the other week.  Fitting it wasn't too bad - although the instructions got thrown to the side almost immediately for making no sense whatsoever!
Step 1: make a hole in the kitchen ceiling without incurring the Wrath of Mum by spreading dust everywhere
Step 2:  assist Project Manager from the inside of the roof, in impossibly small space
Step 3:  send hubby into the tunnel to make sure it's all sealed up
Step 4:  enjoy being bathed in light at the far end of the kitchen!
All that remains to be done is to paint the surround to match the ceiling - it's our own improvisation to make the ceiling join neater.

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