Saturday, 16 June 2012

Diary of a Glossing Day

0900  pack super excited wee boys, big boy and big uncle off to the Pagaent of Power
0915  have shower
0930  read paint instructions (and yes, it's Dulux): quick dry (good), two coats (inconvenient), no undercoat required (what!!!! spent all week undercoating, grrr)
0935  send text to friend to try and induce long telephone chat
0936  start painting first door

1000  one side done - only another 9 sides to go : /
1005  start 'blogging' in my head to amuse myself
1009  change tunes from Proclaimers to random shuffle...
1048  first spill on the dark wood floor - eek!  Baby wipes to the rescue - phew!
1050  one whole door complete.  Second door of choice is the family bathroom.  Unfortunately kneeling in close proximity to family toilet, I realise it smells like a family bathroom so spend some time introducing the toilet to the bleach.  After that, the second door is far more satisfying - it's one of the pre-undercoated ones so I can see it becoming pure white as I paint.

1123  paint brush cramp-hand kicks in
1158  Door 2 done - am I getting quicker??

1200 coffee break time!  Luckily my girlfriends left some Extra Special chocolate chunk cookies yesterday.  Nothing like sugar and caffeine to keep me working...
1220  decide to take the washing in and discover how much the house smells of paint so have to open some windows
1231  much as I love all my genres of music, jumping from bagpipes to pop to Michael Buble crooning about Christmas is a bit much for the senses.  Switch from random shuffle to the Beautiful South.
1233  discover I've had paint on my sock so arm myself with the baby wipes and follow the trail round the house.  Thank goodness it's a water based gloss (ironic chuckle to self - this is why the first batch went yellow!)
1256  Me time!  I jump on my bike in my DIY rags to go and get my eyebrows shaped.  Trinny & Susannah would be horrified that I even left the house!  And whether you can call getting your eyebrows shaped 'me time' is debatable.

1338  bit of sustenance before I crack on with round four...

1428  change playlist (again) to Keep Calm & Relax.  Not sure that's the right sentiment but cue paint roller as pretend microphone and belting out tunes at full volume!
1458  Door 4.  Done.

1503  Door 5 - this is going to be interesting.  I have already painted the door with the (not so) brilliant white and now the frame is going to be painted with the Dulux replacement.
1520  every time I think I'm nearly done, another door appears!  I'm like Alice in some obscure DIY version of Wonderland.  Argh!!

1600  hand has now achieved 'the claw' look and shoulder starting to ache
1605  only two more to go...
1621  get word that the boys are on their way home so stop to put on spaghetti, and clear a path through the paint trays and paint sheets.

1819  Finished!  Until Round 2.  At some point.  But it does look so fresh and lovely.

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  1. Hi just read all of your posts, Only discovered it by accident when searching for a colour name. had some fun and laughs hope to hear more. Allan from Australia.