Friday, 29 June 2012

Long live the London look (other brands are available)

Before I start, I should probably warn you that this blog is loosely affiliated with DIY - the girly side of DIY.

I have beautiful nails this week courtesy of having an Olympic Day at work.  I found some Union Jack nail transfers which I carefully applied one evening after I had finished making my 'Great British Bake Off' cake and cleaned up after myself.  Even at that point, I only put on a couple of the nails as I didn't believe they would truly last the night and morning ablutions unscathed.
Olympic firework cake

In the morning, once the shower, dressing and boys breakfasting was out of the way, I applied the remaining nails (plus one each for the boys!) and went to work.  My nails received many admiring comments all day, and then the next day as I did my school run duties.  By this point, my they had done their job so I began to revert to normal - bathroom cleaning, pan washing...

Once the boys had gone to bed, it was time to do my regular gig in the attic conversion.  Even the hubby noted that this would 'not do my nails any good' but it didn't get me off duty for the night!

And so, two hours later, I am pleased to note that my transfers are still intact and I still have beautiful nails!

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