Monday, 21 May 2012

A new weight-loss regime

I think I've finally sussed out an advantage to all the slogging away in the loft-to-be-bedrooms that we are currently doing (that's mostly the royal 'we' to my shame).  Now that the summer has finally arrived the advantage will only increase.  Let me set the scene...

It's a black tile roof on the outside, black felt on the inside.  South facing for most of the day, with east-west perspective the rest of the time, it soaks up the sun like a sponge.  My 'gofer' job has been to put in all the insulation so I have also been dressed from head to toe in long legs and long sleeves, complete with face mask!  When the weather was slightly cooler, it made the loft a pleasant place to work.  Now that the mercury is rising, it has turned our DIY space into our personal sauna.  I must be losing weight by the bucketload!

Unfortunately, the intense heat also fuddles my brain and makes me even less able to compute the instructions that Project Manager is doling out, whilst he calculates complex angles in his head and saws them (correctly) without making a single mark on the wood.

If anyone fancies trying my new weight loss regime, there's plenty more work to be done here - and there's no charge!

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