Sunday, 27 May 2012

A day in the garden

Last week I advertised my new weightloss regime in converting the attic space.  This week - it's too hot!  But myself and Project Manager cannot sit idle and enjoy the sun, we need to keep doing something so that we feel we are plugging away at the renovation. 

Attic conversion was out as mentioned...
Front garden is way too big a job to start for just a day or two...
Side paving is a bit too labour intensive for the heat...

So we finally plumped on reconstructing the boys play frame.  PM had built a tree house / slide contraption in our last property which we had duly demolished and taken with us 18 months ago.  Obviously, improvements were required - rather than just putting it all together in the same form.  So far, this had involved us building a play house and 'talking' about the rest but today we finally got down to business:

A fun day was had by all, as the sawing and hammering was interspersed with a spot of trampolining, a few chases around the garden and plenty of juice!

The other benefit to all this reconstruction is that the collection of wood in our shed and garage is somewhat slimmer than this morning!

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