Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The trials and tribulations of modern living vs. modern building

The hubby and I came out of the dark ages a couple of weeks ago and upgraded mobile phones, capable of only calling and texting, to smartphones.  I have unlimited internet access and more texts than I can possibly use in my monthly package - woo hoo!  I can spend even more time on facebook, blogging and other pursuits that my dad rolls his eyes at and mutters something about 'disfunctional family life'.

Alas.  If only it were so.  Due to modern building regulations we live in a 125mm thick coccoon of aluminium foil backed insulation.  Too well insulated, it would appear, for our android devices to work.  Instead of being more in touch with my network of mummies, I feel stranded in my cave of tinfoil.  I did my own experiment last week and found myself at the very back of the garden before I had a signal on said device.

Looks like I'll be moving into the wee boys play house to keep tabs on my social life - or I could adopt a real social life and visit my friends instead......now that's a much better idea!

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