Saturday, 28 April 2012

I'm wondering whether I have a weird phobia of power tools?

I finally got back on the preverbial horse this evening and got myself up into the attic to assist Project Manager.  I'm not sure how much assistance I actually was with my 'why is that there' and 'what are you doing about this' and 'how do I do this' and 'I don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing...' 

Project Manager eventually sighed and told me to get on with whatever I felt comfortable with.  The options being:
  • measuring wood
  • sawing wood
  • drilling and screwing wood 
Measuring I can do, although I tend to find it dull and repetitive after measuring a couple of lengths.  Sawing, I can also do but to say that I'm rubbish and pathetic when it comes to sawing (lack of straight lines, lack of arm strength) is an understatement! 

Drilling and power-screwdrivering, however, are slightly different - I avoid them.  I don't ever approach them with the required confidence and assertiveness required with power tools which means that drill holes and screws go wonky, putting me off even more.  I don't think I'm scared of them - although I do occasionally have visions of power tool type incidents floating in front of my eyes.  Gruesome, I know.

Anyway, after doing more measuring than PM was ever going to keep up with having to do both sawing and fixing jobs, I decided to 'man up' and do some sawing.  Pah!  I got sacked from that as PM had to come back with all my lengths and trim them. 

I looked around, went to the loo, got some beers in then faced up to the fact that I was going to have to do something.  So I went for the circular saw.  Which, oddly, I enjoy using - given that it's a very powerful power tool which could lead to terribly gruesome incidents...

the beginnings of our attic bedrooms

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