Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Losing Game

Project manager arrived home from work this evening and started poking about in his tool shelf, still dressed in shirt and tie.  I carried on playing with the wee boys until the sighing started...then the mumbling under his breath...then the clanging of tools...Project Manager could not find the hacksaw. 
This is not a new problem. 
Over the last few years PM has bought umpteen bits of boys toys and umpteen shelves and storage units – those cute wee drawer sets that separate your nails and screws, colour coded shelves, ice-cream tubs for larger things; you get the idea.  The real problem is that, in reality, the tools and peripheries get stored in two large piles – one pile on the garage work surface and one pile on a shelf in the hall.  He doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that if he kept them in order and in their correct place then finding them would take a matter of minutes, in addition to the extra 10 paces to the garage in the first place.  Instead, every time a job is due to start, there can be anything up to 30 minutes of searching for a critical bit of kit.

Boy Toy Storage, Project Manager style!

NB. The hacksaw was in the place he originally looked.

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  1. Typical - Alex has his tools all in order in the garage - where I don't venture, except to get the car out LOL x