Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Herculean Effort No. 3, 656 (ish)

So the Wee Boys have been on holiday at their Grandparents for the last two weeks and Project Manager and I had a To Do List of epic proportions to get on with in their absence.  I didn’t look at the list – I didn’t need to, I knew we wouldn’t get it all done.  I know what Project Managers Lists are like! 
I’ve been painting so much that I have ‘paintbrush hand’.  For those of you unfamiliar with this affliction, it’s when your fingers are curled permanently around an invisible paintbrush.  I also have a lovely painted kitchen, bedroom and playroom.  Unfortunately, we got so carried away with putting the Wee Boys room back together that we forgot to gloss the skirtings!  That’s a job for when they're 18 and leave home.
The Wee Boys room has caused a bit of a headache this week.  It had that terrible textured, spiky paint on the ceiling.  I will point out right now that I did moot the idea of just freshening up the paint (after all, it’s just the roof) but Project Manager did point out that we should do the job properly while we had the opportunity blah blah blah...
We fell for the blurb and bought some Smooth Over paint.  More of that ended up on the floor than on the ceiling so Project Manager set to with the plastering.  Unfortunately, spiky bits don’t lend themselves to being plastered over so, after one coat, it was clear more work would be required.  A couple of days later (right when we should have started painting), Project Manager applied another layer of plaster to the wonky ceiling.  Slight improvement but we decided to go and buy some Basecoat paint just to be sure.  No idea why we fall for the hype on these products – if it sounds too easy, it probably is!  Special roller, special smoothing tool.  Don’t bother.  After the basecoat paint I then had to put on normal paint and it still looks terrible!  At least it’s not our bedroom and neither of us have to look at it on a daily basis.

Project Manager has also cracked on with putting in the plumbing for our central heating system.  The house has been like an assault course for two weeks with holes in the floor and wood lying everywhere.
Now all that’s left to do is get it to child-friendly standard again before the Wee Boys come home...

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