Friday, 11 February 2011

The Dust

1.       Even bigger hole in wall – check
2.       Demolition of fitted wardrobe – check...
3.       ...leading to even bigger hole in wall
4.       Gas fire disconnected – check
5.       First skip booked for next week – check
6.       Demolition Squad booked for next week – check
7.       Mummy prepared for dust – nope.

I do not like the dust part.  I know it’s a means to an end but I don’t like the dust part.  I had to wipe the mouse on my knee before I started typing, and the keyboard feels weird as it is covered in an ever-so-fine film of dust.

The fact that our computer is within a metre of the wall that was being demolished didn’t faze Project Manager, didn’t even faze him enough to cover the computer – argh!  I, rather belatedly, threw my dressing gown over it once I realised he was actually removing plaster from the walls.

The plaster on the wall is a ‘good solid layer’ as my father-in-law said.  It’s about two inches thick, and lime-based.  For anyone that doesn’t know what the implications of ‘lime-based’ are it means a dry dusty smell permeating your nostrils, a strange almost sticky dust coating on skin, hair, furniture and – the worst part – a dry sore throat making you parched and thirsty as the lime sucks every last drop of moisture from your mucus membrane.

OK. I think I’m being melodramatic now but you get the picture.  I don’t like the dust part.

Now where’s the brush attachment for the vacuum cleaner...


  1. I can't wait for next weekend :) Demolition squad member at your service! x

  2. Good luck with the demolition - I think that'll mean even more dust.