Sunday, 30 September 2012

There is such a thing as too much choice

How on earth do you choose a sofa?

Ever since we moved in, we have been 'going to buy' new sofas for our living room.  We currently have one that we bought when we bought our first house and one that we took from my sister-in-law as a temporary measure when the boys were babies, and have never replaced it with a permanent measure!

The new sofa decision has come to a head as my brother-in-law is looking to move into his first abode with his Significant Other and I mentioned that if he needed sofas, we were planning to get new ones.

Add to the 'too much choice' conundrum the fact that I am a certain nationality that finds parting with money difficult and it could be a long wait.

Here's some of the sofas that I am considering (and that is mostly 'I', as we cannot agree on these things so it will be my choice in the end!).  PM's only consideration is whether it is comfortable to lie on to watch the TV...

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