Tuesday, 13 December 2011

...and now it's a Stairway to Heaven!

My lovely stairs are now complete and I even walked up them before settling down with Michel Bubles Christmas album to tell you all about it!

Not that there is much to tell, it has been a pretty straighforward job.  The only hiccup was the cumulative effect of each stair being slightly out of place so each one had to be moved by 2mm in order for the last step to fit correctly.

I have even conceded to Project Manager that below the stairs is better boxed out to give a cupboard - I wanted it open and spacious, he wanted it enclosed for ease of finishing (with storage being secondary)!

Then to finish them off, poorly eldest child supervised whilst I hung our Christmas lights...

There's still nothing at the top - just lots of insulation!  And the Elves need somewhere to store pressies...

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