Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weird & Wonderful Wall-coverings

It's always interesting when you're decorating to see what went before you.  In some houses, you can peel back the years through wallpaper - 90's brights, 80's anaglypta, brown & orange hues of the 70's, the DIYers nightmare - woodchip.  One of my friends is renovating a house where they have found more wallpaper underneath the plaster skim!

In our last house, we steamed off the wallpaper to find the previous decorators had not only signed and dated the wall but they had also written the sports news of the day - Warrington Wolves being the victorious team.

I think, though, in this house we have uncovered the most unusual wall-covering I have seen to date.  It is a layer of what can only be described as squashed beanbag beans!  Not because someone has stuck them on there, but like they had bought a roll and pasted it to the wall.  Somewhere between the dreaded polystyrene tiles and wallpaper.  Luckily for me (as Chief Decorator - I nearly said Chief Stripper lol!) it comes off really easily, and I even had the wee boys helping because it came off like snow!

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