Monday, 30 May 2011

Nice breast!

The task I have been dreading has finally commenced – knocking down the chimney in the was-sitting-room-soon-to-be-bedroom.  We paid the builders to take the chimney down through the roof tiles and repatch the roof but it’s ‘our’ (that’s Project Manager then) job to take out the rest of the chimney.  This needs done for two reasons:
1.       it’s huge so removing it will give us a much bigger master bedroom
2.       it has to come out of the attic anyway so we can put bedrooms upstairs eventually
I’ve been dreading it due to the normal mess of plaster / bricks plus the added mess of soot.  We emptied out the room but now have our clothes in the new built-in wardrobe.  The door is a tight fit and we have a sheet of plastic taped around but I’m not so sure...
Project Manager has been posting the bricks from the attic level down the chimney so he can then remove them to outside at ground level.  I’m impressed by his ingenuity but boy does the room become a dust bath as he’s doing it!
The first thing he did was to knock out the most recent changes to the fireplace which had been done to fit a gas fire.  This showed us the original, huge, curved fireplace.  Unfortunately, I can think of no way to combine this into my new bedroom design so, other than winding up PM, there is no reason to keep it.
The gas fire comes off

Down through the ceiling...

Anyone need some bricks?

Ready-made rubble shute in action!

Did I mention my nice breast?!

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