Monday, 21 February 2011

My own personal army of Trojan Warriors

We’ve had the Family Demolition Squad in residence this weekend. 

I’ve forked out nearly £200 in sausage & bacon butties, Heinz tomato soup & cheese butties, Dominos pizza, steak & chips, Coke and beer and in return I have had the brick outhouse demolished, dwarf wall built around the veggie garden, one skip filled and a pile of rubble in the garden. 

Now you see it...

I was going to tell you about my dad, the Trojan.  Dressed in his wet weather gear and shovelling soil at break of dawn and last one in at twilight; only stopping for mugs of hot milky tea and mealtimes. 

However, even Dads Trojan-like persistance has been surpassed by my Brother-in-laws Girlfriend.  She is quite a new girlfriend so we have met her a few times and she has adopted her crazy, extended family with unsurpassed ease.  The second time I met her she volunteered to come to the museum with me and the wee boys – way beyond new girlfriend call of duty in my book. 

This weekend was her first encounter with Project Manager in full project mode.  Brother-in-law was, apparently, quite reluctant to come and help because past experience had made him wary – he knew he was in for serious hard graft.  He was cajoled into assisting because Girlfriend was quite excited at the prospect of wielding a sledgehammer and knocking walls down.  Once the boys had extracted the roof from the outhouse, Girlfriend duly extracted the sledgehammer from them and let rip.  My eldest managed to inform her that she was hitting like a girl so, after lunch, she set to with more gusto.  I am making it sound like she worked single-handed but that would be unfair to Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Dad and Project Manager (after all, I made need more help in the future!).  At the risk of starting to sound like an Oscar speech, I should also mention my Mum at this point as she worked as part of the Trojan Army on Friday and then helped me with Childcare Duties on Saturday giving me some much needed sanity!

After a hard day graft on Saturday, I expected (and hoped!) Girlfriend would prefer to help me with childcare duties on Sunday but, no, she turned up and was straight back outside.  She soldiered on into the darkness, refusing to leave until she had finished the wall.  I am now the proud owner of a flattened outhouse and a beautifully walled veggie plot!
Now you don't...

And I now that I know what a fantastic job my lovely family can do, they are welcome to come back anytime!

And here's the link to my Borther-in-laws Trojan Girlfriends blog:

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